¿Do you know which are the new lightning technologies?

We are heading towards a world, surrounded by sensors, where everything is connected to each other, this generates a huge amount of data. And this is only the beginning. We have gone from connecting people to connect things. By 2025 there will be 100,000 million connected devices in the world.

¡The future is already here!


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Artificial Intelligence

The arrival of the internet, the neural networks and the standardization of WiFi systems, have made an authentic revolution in the world of lighting. This new architecture, fully integrated into the "SMART CITY" not only covers the basic lighting needs but also improves our life quality, saving us big amount of energy and consequently reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.

With LUXNNIA® you can live a unique experience through an application on your mobile phone that is very intuitive and simple to manage, or through classic switches for HOME, INDUSTRIAL and PUBLIC lighting systems.

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LUXNNIA® uses...

The most advanced ZIGBEE® communication protocol that allows us to interconnect through a gateway with thousands of devices in a reliable and efficient way.

Control all the lighting in your home, office or industry from your mobile. Now with Luxnnia you have control of all the lighting in your hands.

We make and design our own applications to manage your devices.

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to keep your company growing without relinquishing its essence, Luxnnia® puts at your service its consulting experience to adapt your business model to the new digital reality. We focus on taking advantage of the latest technologies so that your company can reach its full potential.

We invite you to be connected with our Digital Universe

With the most advanced technology of the market 

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